One more thing before we move on to Bahamas WhatsApp Number List these three techniques (Six Thinking Hats, Walt Disney’s Creative Strategy, and SCAMPER). When can designers or other experts use brainstorming? Here are two typical examples:

  1. A new product, service or feature has its own niche, but the team has no idea what it might be.
  2. Existing products or services are not as successful as expected. The team usually understands the cause, but has no idea how to fix it.

six thoughtful hats

The first technique I want to Bahamas WhatsApp Number List introduce is called “Six Thinking Hats”. It was invented by Edward de Bono, a Maltese physician, psychologist and consultant. Here’s a brief overview:



Brainstorming workshop for the LEKS design team


Bahamas WhatsApp Number List
Bahamas WhatsApp Number List
  1. Slides with step-by-step instructions.
  2. Standalone timer or laptop with online timer in full screen mode.
  3. Give each participant 6 colored paper hats or any recognizable hat symbol. These colors are blue, yellow, green, white, red and black. For example, we use crowns instead of hats, which is fun.
  4. Sticky in 6 colors: blue, yellow, green, white, red, brown or any dark shade that represents black. 5-8 people per team, 1 to 2 bags per person is enough.
  5. A whiteboard, flip-chart, or large sheet of paper on a desk or wall.
  6. Black marker for each participant (markers should be whiteboard safe if you have chosen this surface).


Start your brainstorming with a five-minute introduction. What will the participants do? Why is it so important? What will be the result? what’s next? It’s time to explain these steps. In my case, we pre-described the whole process to make sure people get the concept of “thinking hats”. De Bono’s hat represents a way of perceiving reality. Most of the time, people are used to “wearing” a “favorite” “hat”, which limits creativity and breeds stereotypes.

For example, risk analysts are used to spotting weaknesses and threats. That’s why phenomena like intuition usually don’t surprise them.


Trying out the “hat” is a metaphor that helps people start thinking differently and easily. Below is an example of a slideshow explaining what each “hat” means. Our goal is to make people feel prepared, relaxed, and not afraid of the complexities of the program.

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