Two great challenges for sports brands. We can agree that there are two great common challenges.  For all sports brands today. How to find new ways to generate income.  How to redefine fan experiences to make them more engaging. And it is causing great changes in the behavior and expectations of the public. Which is increasingly demanding of the clubs and pushes them to rethink and redefine sport as entertainment. And it is that the clubs have realized that they cannot accommodate. In that an important part of their. Income depends on the assistance to the events. Beyond simply using technology, clubs need to be creative in applying.  Such tools to create immersive brand experiences, and not use them uncontrollably.

New digital platforms and services are increasing

Mindlessly. New digital platforms and services are increasing interactivity and creating new opportunities for revenue generation, as well as creating Color Correction Service new experiences for fans. Technology and data provide the ability to enjoy the positive emotion. Of live sports and entertainment. No matter where they are or require their presence in stadiums. Technology resource An example of how new platforms can change the rules of the game (literally. Offer new experiences for fans is the case of Fan Controlled Football. A new gamified American football league. The league had four teams for this first season.  bBeing played from February to March. Of the four teams.

Color Correction Service

The Glacier Boyz are the other two remaining teams.

The Glacier Boyz are the other two remaining teams. They each played four regular season games. The games are played indoors, which means that they India Lead are shorter fields. Therefore, With many scores. The matches are broadcast on Twitch and promoted as controlled by fans. Fans Controlled FootballPhoto: FCF How does it work? First you have to register and select one of the four teams. This will be the only one you can interact with. The Fan Controlled Football initiative allows voting on the platform to decide on team logos and uniforms. This is already something striking. Two of them had fairly standard non- NFL football names : the Zappers and the Beasts; the Wild Aces.

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