The use is increasing every year. Just like the amount of emojis we can choose from and the domains we use emojis on. In the past this was mainly reserved for informal communication, in recent years you have also seen emojis in business communication and (content) marketing. The number of emojis you can choose from is now 3633.

Social media, originally platforms that were pre-eminently intended for informal communication, have certainly been a catalyst for this.

It’s fun, and logical given the dimiling face with hearts eyes) and, thanks to the birthday reminders, also t (birthday cake) score high.

Since its inception, Emojipedia annually surveys which emojis are most used on Twitter. The use is still growing just as fast.

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What determines the success of the emoji as a visual language? Several factors, of course. For example, worldwide smartphone ownership and the accessibility of our smartphones and computers to emojis certainly contribute to this. The emoji also fits with the new ways of communicating via smartphones and other keyboards. Lilian Stolk describes how studies Chief VP Operations Email Lists confirm that the content exchange in Whatsapp messages is often more like having a conversation than written correspondence.

Chief and VP of Operations Email Lists

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In spoken language we break down words (omg, idd and emoticons ;-)) or we only respond with an expression (smile, frown) or we shrug our shoulders. Emojis fill the gap of this non-verbal communication – you don’t see each other – online.

They also allow us to add extra meaning to our existing communication and express our emotions in a simple way.

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