Anything that’s healthy, popular, good for the environment, and heavily promoted by the government is a pretty good business bet. In addition to traditional Paraguay WhatsApp Number List pedal-powered bikes, e-bikes have become very popular. E-bikes can be pedaled without electric power or use electric power to assist, and sales are expected to rise to over 40 million units by 2023. Regular pedal bikes can even be converted to e-bikes with a special kit.11If cycling is your passion and you Paraguay WhatsApp Number List want to become an entrepreneur, this may be the perfect business opportunity for you.

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Senior Care Services Caregiver holding hand of senior woman Monty Rakusen / Getty Images Senior care services continue to rank as a great Paraguay WhatsApp Number List small business opportunity. The first baby boomers hit age 65 in 2011, and the entire baby boomer generation will reach age 65 by 2030. By 2050, seniors will make up a quarter of the entire U.S. population.As the number of baby boomers increases, so does the need for senior services and care givers. The need for Paraguay WhatsApp Number List home health care workers increased .

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For the most part, baby boomers are willing to pay for the services necessary to maintain their lifestyles. This includes continuing to live at home in Paraguay WhatsApp Number List their own communities. According to research by Aging In Place, 90% of seniors plan to stay in their home for at least the next five to 10 years.14Some seniors experience various health and mobility issues and are increasingly in need of assistance with daily activities including driving. They may find it difficult or impossible to take care of household chores such as landscaping, cleaning, cooking, or caring Paraguay WhatsApp Number List for their pets. Those who haven’t experienced a decline in mobility may wish to travel extensively and require house sitting, pet sitting, and property maintenance services.

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