Using the simplest ingredients and the most natural cooking methods, we create delicious. Unburdened summer light meals with a charming aroma. And fight against the hot summer without appetite. The four herbal delicacies include the “Iced Pandan Latte which. I want to have a cup of to cool off the heat every day the. Lavender Blackcurrant Tower” and “Passion Fruit Custard Soft Oatmeal”, which are suitable for a bit of craving and hunger in the afternoon. And “Basil Seafood Cold Spaghetti” with just the right amount of flavor and quantity.

Carefully selected marigolds, lavenders and marjorams

Produced by Futong Garden, the refreshing Kuwait Phone Number flavor of herbs is ingeniously balanced with the flavors of fruit, cheese or seafood, so people can’t wait to try it! IMG_5061. Photo Credit whole family. Four delicacies , four charming aromas of summer. Coffee, which is indispensable for many people every morning. Will of course not be absent in this joint food. Iced pandan latte adds pandan leaves, known as the king of spices in Southeast Asia, to enhance the cool atmosphere with its refreshing fragrance, sweeping away the unavoidable heaviness of milky coffee.

The unique smell of pandan leaves makes you feel like

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You are in a Southeast Asian country. When you can’t travel abroad, just rely on this cup of coffee to relieve your addiction! When it comes to light meals, of course, those are the most irresistible snacks when you are a little hungry and a little greedy. A piece of fruit tower and a piece of soft European bread are the best choices for tea time after work. Lavender Blackcurrant Tower and Passion Fruit Custard Soft Ou, using fruit as the base, the sweet and sour atmosphere is already too attractive, coupled with the refreshing and sweet fragrance of marigold and the quiet and leisurely fragrance of lavender, you can take a bite.

In an instant, as if in the quiet and cool forest, stealing half a day of leisure. IMG_5094 Photo Credit: whole family The finale is the cold pasta with basil seafood. In this cold pasta, which is very suitable for summer tasting, the basil green sauce is combined with shrimp, squid, and the fragrant muscadine white wine vinegar, which is full of fashionable adults. ; Add a fragrant marjoram into the dish, which is the most suitable healing food to soothe yourself after a busy and intense day. 7/13 Vanilla series starts with discounts.

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