“We want to be more and more present in the life of the communities where we operate. We believe in sports activity as a motor for cities Bhutan Email Lists and as a way of personal growth that, in addition, instills such essential values ​​as effort, self-improvement or teamwork. For this reason, we trust that this program will help transfer to society as a whole the benefits of practicing sports and adopting healthy lifestyle habits ”, points out Javier Dueñas , CEO of Campofrío.The program from Bhutan Email Lists which the initiative arises, called “Burgos moves” , began in 2018 in the company’s hometown where two of its most important production centers are located, employing about 1,800 people, demonstrating their ability to connect with Burgos society.

Now, Campofrío extends its Bhutan Email Lists commitment to the provinces where the rest of its factories are located – Soria, Valencia, Cáceres and Toledo-. Each province will name the local initiative, which will also be backed by one of the company’s brands with the greatest presence in each of the areas: Campofrío, Navidul or Oscar Mayer .In the phase that begins today, the project begins its journey in Soria and Valencia. In the Castilian province, the program endorsed by the Campofrío brand Bhutan Email Lists has resulted in a collaboration agreement with the Soria Basketball Club (CSB) during the 2021-2022 season and in the organization of educational days in schools in Ólvega.

Bhutan Email Lists

For its part, in the Valencian Bhutan Email Lists province, the Oscar Mayer brand will extend the sponsorship of Valencia Basket to the training center of the club’s quarry, L’Alquería. In a next phase, the “Campofrío Se Mueve” program will be launched in Cáceres and Toledo.C&A continues to strengthen its commitment to make sustainability a strategy that encompasses all stages of its production chain. One of its most recent actions has been the reuse of the large canvas that has covered the facade of Bhutan Email Lists the flagship in Barcelona during the remodeling works , which has been used to manufacture original flower pot holders.

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