Editor’s introduction: For a brand, visual design can play a vital role. Therefore, many companies nowadays attach great importance. India Phone Number to the visual design of their brands in order to impress customers. Of course, brand visual design is not a simple thing, in addition to having enough creativity. It must follow basic business principles. The name, slogan and visual identity must be consistent in order to build a brand. And only in this way can India Phone Number strategic synergy be achieved. When considering a marketing plan, most marketers seem to only focus on words and ignore the role of visuals.

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A typical marketing plan usually consists of hundreds of P and tens of thousands of words, but almost never mentions visuals. possible India Phone Number role and impact. In the market, the courses sold by various training institutions are almost all about copywriting, but there are very few courses about vision. Although there are countless successful cases in terms of “text”, in the era of information explosion, countless studies have shown that the best way for India Phone Number users to effectively memorize is not relying on words, but relying on vision. The human brain is divided into two parts: the left brain and the right brain.

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The right brain is responsible for processing visual information, and the left brain is responsible for processing text information. India Phone Number The two affect each other. Vision is often accepte by the brain before words, and it is the easiest to leave a deep impression. Visual design is not about creativity, but about following basic business principles Visual symbols are powerful because people often believe what they see and doubt what they hear. Eyewitnesses are important to a detective. People often say, “I know it’s true. I saw it with my own eyes.” Looking back India Phone Number at the history of Coca-Cola’s commercial advertisements, except for the word “authentic”, I believe that most of the other advertising slogans have already forgotten it even after watching it many times, but the only thing I remember is its bottle.



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