In fact, your boss has exactly the same Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List goal as you in this project, that is, to do it well. Based on the same goal, in fact, the basis for fighting for resources is there. But some skills are needed in specific operations.

To solve this problem, let’s first take a look at what communication. Rhythm and communication goals should be maintained with the boss.

In terms of communication goals, I think there are two levels. One is transactional reporting, which is to report clearly and regularly. What will be done or done; the other is the alignment of ideas.

Therefore, from work ideas,

status to specific steps, difficulties and progress, we must Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List report and communicate. With the boss at a certain frequency and rhythm. It is best if you take the initiative to maintain a certain frequency of communication. In this way, the boss will feel that you are very proactive, reliable and reassuring, and are willing to invest more resources for you to help you achieve yourself and accomplish your goals.

I found that the easiest thing for many students to ignore is to align their work ideas and implementation plans with their bosses. Often, they will think and think about it on their own, but seldom write them down, and then communicate and align them with their bosses seriously. My friend also suggested that she would think that her ideas.

or plans were immature and imperfect,

Bulgaria WAhatsApp Number List
Bulgaria WAhatsApp Number List

She would not dare or be embarrassed to talk to the boss.I slapped my thighs in a hurry. There are no perfect employees or perfect solutions, only employees who are moving forward and perfect solutions. Your boss knows your abilities best in the world, perhaps more objectively than you know yourself. If not, then you haven’t done a good job of aligning and communicating with your boss.

So, why are you so shy or concealed, you must show yourself confidently and boldly, and synchronize the plan, so that you can use the awesome boss in time to help yourself and the project grow and improve.

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