Friction (less) in behavior change The Bulgaria Phone Number motto. Is also when changing behavior. make the desir behavior as easy as possible. This is often appli to both everyday behavior and behavior. That occurs infrequently Bulgaria Phone Number or once. For example have you ever kept track of how long. You had to wait for the elevator? By increasing the waiting time. You encourage people to choose the healthier and more sustainable option – the stairs. An example of one-off behavior is donor registration. By adjusting the default, many people register as donors. Inciting people to new behavior is quite a challenge. But Bulgaria Phone Number getting people to stick with the new. Behavior might be an even bigger one.

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More is ne for sustainable behavioral Bulgaria Phone Number change than as previously. Stat by Van Lieren, Calabretta and Schoormans Meijers . You want people in different contexts and over time to make the same choice. Friction can help with that. Show desir behavior In the example of the elevator. You could put up Bulgaria Phone Number a sign above the elevator that reads ‘each. Floor per elevator uses X kilowatts’ or ‘each floor with the. Elevator increases the risk of cardiovascular disease by X%’. Both the longer waiting time and the texts above the elevator make the desir behavior more likely. But in the second case, people are more likely to do it in other situations and point out the negative consequences of Bulgaria Phone Number elevator use to others.

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The choice is not only made Bulgaria Phone Number consciously, but also internaliz. This increases the chance that people will also exhibit. The desir behavior at other times and in different environments. Friction can also lead to a better outcome for personal goals. Learning a new skill, training for a marathon.Not Bulgaria Phone Number drinking alcohol for a month. All experiences that involve friction. Sometimes so much that you want to throw in the towel. But those friction experiences provide all the more. Satisfaction Bulgaria Phone Number when you achieve your goal. Also read.

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