Why you want this to be accessible on the website. The table button directs you to reserving a table. With the gift card button you buy a Mr. Stacks gift card. You will also see shortcuts to the socials. Points for improvement The logo is too busy. You Luxembourg Phone Number can’t really see what’s on it when Luxembourg Phone Number table buttons are not the same size on desktop and are not lined up on the sides. The footer disappears below the main Luxembourg Phone Number when scrolling. It wouldn’t be a big deal if the background had a different color, but that’s not the case. 2. Kula.

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Kula is, as the company describes itself, a place in Rotterdam where people can relax and recharge. They have an all day cafe, give yoga classes and organize events. The food in the cafe is “nourishing comfort food” and there are also Luxembourg Phone Number to-go options. Kula . website Pros Photography. With every headline there is a photo that also very well reflects the vibe of the company. Corporate identity. The house style fits very well with the interior and also conveys the atmosphere well. They have a playful font that is reminiscent of the yin-yang symbol, a good link with the yoga classes. responsive. The website scales very Luxembourg Phone Number well.

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All important information always Luxembourg Phone Number remains clearly visible on the website, such as the button to book a yoga class, the menu button, button to info about the cafe and the events and yoga. On mobile, the menu also collapses into a hamburger menu. legibility. The texts are easy to read and good use is made of white space around the text. Points for improvement The logo rotates when Luxembourg Phone NumberVery nice in itself, but it runs very fast. On the Studio page they show pictures of the studio, but they go very fast and you can’t click through them yourself. A carousel would be nice here. The menu button for the Luxembourg Phone Number menu of the restaurant can be a bit lost due to the color and because it is in a photo.

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