Editor’s introduction: Nowadays, many music apps have a “shuffle” function. When you want to listen to a song but don’t really want. To listen to the song, the ” Albania Phone Number shuffle” function can play its role. It is recommended for you who have never listened to it. Songs that have been used, but are to your taste. In this case, are you curious what QQ Music and NetEase Cloud do when you press  familiar subway station again. Listening to the sound of the subway tracks that I have heard countless times, you suddenly feel that every day is a bit boring and monotonous, Albania Phone Number just like the sun rises from the east and sets from the west every day . Put on your headphones and open up your favorite playlist, as usual. You hit the shuffle button, hoping to hand over control to the player and the algorithm.

True Random” or Albania Phone Number

and let them bring you a little freshness that you didn’t know existed. Have you ever wondered how the shuffle algorithm presents us with a random playlist? 1. Albania Phone Number “True Random” or “Pseudo Random” The most classic random music player in history should be the iPod Shuffle. In 2005, Apple introduced the classic iPod Shuffle, which was an anomaly at the time. At that time, music players (in the era of direct MP3) basically had a screen for displaying music information. Users could freely choose their favorite music, and even some Albania Phone Number MP3s could play videos, such as 2006 The miniplayer M6 launched by Meizu in 2019 is already equipped with a 2.4-inch display. The iPod Shuffle does not have a screen, and the overall is simpler than Apple’s own iPad Nano. But the big question is: how do users choose their favorite songs.

What Should a Good Albania Phone Number

Albania Phone Number

The answer is a random list. You can sync your favorite music through iTunes. Or you can directly sync a playlist you like, but on the iPod Shuffle, the biggest feeling you can get is the “shuffle charm”. Albania Phone Number In fact, there are two common ways we call “shuffle”, one is called “Shuffle” and the other is called “Random”. ▲ Shuffle algorithm. Image from: 9to5Mac Shuffle is generally called “shuffling algorithm”, and its principle is like shuffling cards in poker, randomly arranging different numbers of playing cards can get an out-of-order result. The same is true for shuffled playlists. The songs in this list will be shuffled each time they are played, so as to obtain an out- Albania Phone Number of-order playback, which is a “pseudo-random” algorithm. Random, on the other hand, is a real random play, which means that every time you switch music.


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