Good employers know they don’t have all the answers to all questions. And that there are many specialized employees who can provide valuable input. In organizations where good employment practices are an important spearhead, feedback is of paramount importance. New ideas from employees are welcome. Complaints are listened to and treated with empathy. Listening to and responding to feedback is one of the best ways employers can make their employees feel empowered .

As you have been able to read, being a good employer is about more than concrete terms and conditions of employment. It is about standards, values ​​and a safe company culture for your employees. But what does that ultimately mean?

The Benefits Of Being A Good Employer

In this tight labor market, it is easier for you to attract top talent when you position yourself as an attractive employer for your employees.
Your own employees become ambassadors. They are ‘fans’ of the organization and are happy to share this with their network. This also expands the network of the organization and can be put to good use for new vacancies.
If you do it really well, the costs for recruitment Armenia Phone Number will go down. Attractive employers often have less difficulty attracting staff. People know where to find them, so they don’t have to spend as much money and energy on finding top talent. They put it on.

Never before in the history of the Netherlands has the labor market been so tight as it is today. The predictions indicate that this shortage could continue for decades with all the consequences that entails. Organizations that do not pay full attention to this are already losing out.


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Want To Get Started With Good Employership

Time to get started yourself! But where do you start? Before you start, it is good to know where your organization stands now. An Employee Value Proposition (EVP) can help you with this. With an EVP you, together with employees from different layers of the organization, bring out the positive points of your employer brand. As soon as you know how your employees view the organization, you have a good basis to form a strategy.

And once you have figured out where your strong points lie, show Dutch modesty the door! We often see a lot of modesty in employers. For example, with local authorities, which are faced with an image problem. They are often fantastic employers with very good conditions, but they simply don’t know how to sell this. Don’t be afraid to put the spotlight on the positives of your organization/local government. And let your employees tell this story in text and images, so that you immediately have a piece of social proof. Canva’s careers page is a great example of how to propagate that EVP.

How does your organization make the difference for employees? I’m curious! Let me know in the comments.

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