Big data does not have a general explanation. Its Turkish equivalent is Big data. In short, we can say big data is data that has become meaningful and formatted.

It is also a phenomenon that companies have come up with in the last few years. Every transaction we do on the internet in daily life serves big data .

The searches you make in search engines, the content you like on social media, the videos you watch, the music you listen to on the online platform, the data you do in many. Areas are recorded. Data is meaningless in a pure form. Until 10-15 years ago, companies had detailed information about data. they were not (at least for Turkey). However, in recent years we have become quite aware of the importance of data.

Let’s give a detailed answer to the question of what is big data. We can call it big data in the form that the obtained data can be processed, that is, the form that makes sense and has the consistency of information for us. Data, which has become more important than money, has a large share in the world economy. Countries are now at war with their companies. We can give the simplest examples by saying Huawei etc. many brands. If you wish, you can read our page called Data Wars, where we examine the importance of data in more detail.

Marketing is a complex activity

Marketing activity (market activity) is always complex. If you take only one of the elements of the marketing mix (4P) and try to become an expert and be able to work out only the “place”, then you cannot form a complex long-term gain (effect).

  • In addition to the ability to ensure the presence of goods on the market, you also need …
  • Not only to be able, but also to be able to flexibly work out the “price” – all price levels, from the purchase prices of raw materials, to retail prices for finished products;
  • Invest in promotion. Flexibility here is more Austria Phone Numbers or just as important as promotion budgets, because spending by mistake and not being able to adjust the promotion strategy or program is not the way to achieve success;
  • Create, adjust your “product”.

I emphasize that in order to work it out comprehensively, you need to have YOUR product “love” it and promote it, and not just distribute it. Only then can success be expected in market activity, in the economics of trade and investment efficiency – all that is important for business. That’s why

If you want to be successful, you need integrated marketing.

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Distribution as a mediation model

In order for such an intermediary business model as distribution not only to exist, but to be successful, it is necessary that the distributor perform a certain number of market functions (checklist for all distributions, by the way):

  • Commodity logistics – collecting a lot of goods from the supply region, the distributor moves them to the region of consumption;
  • Warehouse logistics – having their own regional “jump warehouse”, distributors can efficiently and quickly supply retail;
  • Financial logistics – collect money from dozens of retailers and send it to the manufacturer in one payment. To eliminate the financial gap, when a part of the goods has not yet been sold or there are difficulties with paying for the stores for what has been sold, but it is already necessary to purchase the goods again, the distributor closes such a gap with its own or borrowed funds;

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