What is Grav? in the answers to the question; There is a unique CMS that has managed to make a name for itself by winning the best open source CMS in 2016 and the best file-based content management system award 3 times in the following years.

All code available on GitHub.com, is design to meet most requirements of current Google search optimization criteria. It has a powerful API and advance package manager for flexibility. The built-in package manager lets you find, install and update plugins and themes with ease.

flat-file structure allows you to define custom fields for any page, including modular content. You can create dynamic content types, filter content, use Markdown editor to create content.

The flat-file definition means that Grav does not require a database to run. Instead, Grav, which is very lightweight because it queries content from text files, makes it easy to backup your data, restore and switch servers.

Grav’ s Requirements

From simple to sophisticated, high-traffic campaign sites to single-page sites, Grav has the flexibility to support any type of website.

With a performance-focused design from the start, Grav Cambodia Phone Number caches content for high performance regardless of your hosting solution.

Simple and intuitive interface, built-in statistics, built-in language feature to publish sites in multiple languages, WYSIWYG editor, Markdown editor, ACL for administrative user access, 2-factor authentication, one-click cache reset, dynamic image processing, logs and reporting Grav’ It is among its other advantages.

Grav was create by Trilby Media and is support by a large community of developers and users, extending to the GetGrav forums, GitHub, and Discord. Trilby Media, which you can refer to for help with your site you have create with Grav, is manage by the team that founde Grav in the first place.

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How to Install GRAV?

Before you start creating a Grav site, it’s recommended to take a look at Grav’s requirements. The platform requires web servers such as Apache, Nginx, Lite Speed, Lightly, IIS, and PHP 7.1.3 or higher.

echo 'Current PHP version: ' . phpversion();

To check your PHP version, you can open notepad and type the above command, save the file and upload it to the web server you are using. Then you can see your PHP version by loading the file from the browser.

You can install Grav, which is among the CMSs supported by Turhost, using Softaculous without any problems, and you can get a Grav site up and running in minutes.

what-is-grav. After extracting it to a working directory folder you created earlier, you need to use the “git” installation method for the Grav CLI. To install GRAV CLI, you have to enter the below command in the web server terminal.

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