There are various possibilities For example, a manual in the form of an internal website or an interactive PDF.

That is also a lot more sustainable.

For my graduation research I did research into VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists existing textbooks. I came to the conclusion that a number of topics should definitely be in a handbook:

  • Company culture (think of: mission, vision and core values, how you interact with each other, and organizing outings and drinks)
  • Organization (think of: regular meetings, the creation of the company, processes)

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In the past 2 years we have had and taken a lot of time to think about our work. Are we still happy with what we do? Do we still get enough energy from our work? Important questions to ask yourself, because happiness at work starts with yourself. And if you are a happier person, you will automatically work more productively.


Chief and VP of Purchasing Email Lists


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  • Task information (think: which department does what, what do they add to the organization, what can you contact them for)
  • Everything around HR (think of: leave scheme, time registration, offboarding, working conditions)
  • Workplace (think of: practical matters at the office, work from home policy, cyber security)
  • Personal development (think: how you deal with mental health, annual appraisal, promotion)
  • A checklist for onboarding
  • A face book

When you start making an employee handbook, take a critical look at what information does and does not belong in it. Keep in mind how much time you want to spend on this project in the future. Make sure that the manual remains maintenance-friendly, also in the long term.

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