1. Why do this project? If you ask more China WhatsApp Number List why, you will find your original needs for this project, and even find that “this project is not necessary”! Because it doesn’t add much value to your long-term goals.
  2. What will you get when the project is completed? Will there be material rewards? Skill upgrade? Influence? And so on, still thinking about whether the things you get are what you really want.
  3. What conditions need to be met in order to complete this project? Thinking about this question is actually evaluating the rationality of the proposed project. For example, if you’re just starting to practice a skill, the project “Write a book on how to practice that skill well” might be a bit of a challenge.
  4. What are the main milestones in completing this project? Take the “Brief History of the Future” book review project as an example. The main stage goals of this project are: read the whole book, summarize the essence of the book (core concepts and viewpoints), and write articles according to the “book review methodology”.

How to set weekly and daily goals?

After formulating the project list, it will still feel China WhatsApp Number List difficult to execute because the “granularity” is too large. One of the tasks to be done at this time is to “disassemble the main stage goals of the project into tasks”.

Taking the “A Brief History of the Future” book review project as an example, one of the core goals of the project is “Reading Notes on “A Brief History of the Future”. Translate in your own words and summarize it as your own reading notes. Dismantling methods vary from person to person, but must be broken down into more specific tasks. Just like you have made a travel destination, you have to consider the path to get there.


Above: Project teardown checklist template


  • Select some of the dismantled tasks every week and assign them to the current week, which is the weekly goal.
  • Select some tasks from the weekly goals as daily goals every day.


Pictured above is the daily target template

When setting weekly and daily goals, consider the following principles:

(1) Planning and execution are carried out separately

That is, “setting goals” and “executing tasks” should not be carried out at the same time. Performing tasks when the plan is in progress will lead to useless work (because there is no purpose), and planning when the task is performed will lead to procrastination and anxiety.

(2) Focus on projects (or goals) with long-term compounding effects

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Our energy, attention, and time are limited, and we should formulate more projects and goals with long-term compounding effects. For example: study, writing and other related projects.

What is the compound interest effect? Doing thing A leads to result B, which in turn reinforces A, and the cycle goes on and on. For example, the more skills you learn, the faster you learn new skills.

(3) Set short-term phased goals

Goals that have too long a cycle and cannot “see results” soon will often end without success. Therefore, when setting goals, you must consider the “achievement cycle” and “achievement difficulty”, and set goals that are slightly beyond your current capabilities, and cannot be too long-term. . Just like playing a game, you have to keep sprinting through small levels, instead of playing the big devil when you come out of the novice village.

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