We would like to inform you about our exciting campaign. As you know, the world’s most popular and prestigious  domain  extension, you can register  or transfer domains and extensions for  a short period of time for  $6.99 per year .

You can register .com and domains from Turhost.com at the most affordable price, and you can transfer the domains in your portfolio at the best price to avoid paying high renewal fees. You can renew your domains, which you will register with the most affordable price advantage, at standard renewal prices, without encountering surprise prices when the renewal period comes.

Generally, domain names, called domains and meaning site addresses, are valid for one year from the date of purchase, so registration of a domain name does not mean that the registrant owns it forever.

Domain names are “rented” for a limited time when . When the rental period expires, the renewal fee must be paid for the continuation of its use. However, many people don’t know that their domain name must be after a certain period of time, or they forget the renewal date, which could result in someone else getting the domain name.

Free Domain Services and Deals

You do not pay extra for the transactions you will make on your domains!

  • Free DNS Management:  You can configure your domain name’s DNS records free of charge via the advanced panel.
  • Free URL Forwarding:  You can change the NS information of your domain name free of charge through the new domain management panel.
  • WHOIS Hiding:  You can hide Board Members Email List your domain name registration information (Whois) for free.
  • Standard Prices:  You can renew your domain names at renewal prices before they expire.
  • Professional Support:  You can reach our professional support team for any kind of support

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Domain Registration & Transfer Campaign Conditions

  • $6.99 .COM / .NET new registration campaign is valid for 1 year purchases.
  • The $6.99 domain registration and transfer offer is limited to 25 domains per account.
  • Our users who want to register and transfer more than 25 domain names should contact our sales team.
  • For subsequent renewals, the domain renewal fees at the time of renewal will apply.
  • Turhost com reserves the right to make changes in domain name campaigns.

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