One of them will be, for example, the average daily audience , which will contribute to knowing the user’s engagement with the content . Sánchez Malta Email List says that until now we could know that two websites had ten million users per month, but not their loyalty.”What we are going to know is what is behind those audiences so that the advertiser knows how to differentiate, beyond the aggregated data, which site is the most optimal for its advertising Malta Email List strategy, ” he says. It clarifies that it is not the same that a site has a daily audience of 500,000 people and that they have to invest to attract people “not loyal to the site” than another that reaches 10 million added and that they are faithful because Malta Email List they are consuming every day.

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“From now on we have objective metrics to Malta Email List be able to measure not only the volume of traffic, but also the quality of the traffic, ” he insists. Among these metrics we also find the rebound or recurrence rate , “closely linked to engagement”, since it allows us to get closer to the number of times a user visits an average website per month and how they do so “with respect to the competition Malta Email List and the sector itself ».

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How customers will be Malta Email List able to explore the data Regarding the differences, Sánchez emphasizes that they are not seen as a solution to measure audiences, but rather ” as a measurement of data “. For this reason, they are clear that they want their clients to be able to exploit the data that they offer them in the most personalized way possible In this sense, there will be a ‘business intelligence’ tool in which you can use the data and do your own analysis. “What we make available Malta Email List to the GfK client in Spain is a real data exploitation tool and not so much a tool that reports data or audience rankings “, declares the Digital Solutions Director of the firm.

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