“That Commission finally chose us to start from 2022 until at least four years “, he adds. The contact with this entity has been constant to comply with Malaysia Email List everything that GfK DAM proposed.“The dialogue with the industry through this Commission is continuous, I would tell you that it is practically every day. What they do is make sure that what we have said we are going to do we do under the conditions that we agreed to do, “he tells us. In January the first Malaysia Email List measurement data will reach the company’s clients, with whom the latter is working together. The objective of this collaboration is to be able to ensure that everything is prepared for the departure date and that the industry can have the necessary information in the most optimal way possible.

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Thus, they are already coordinating Malaysia Email List with the players in the sector for the tagging of the contents, the definition of consumption structures or the taxonomy .Some of the headers that have already closed agreements with GfK DAM The PRISA Group, Editorial Unit or Malaysia Email List Vocento are some of the major publishing conglomerates that are already assigned to this new meter. Mediaset España, El Confidencial, Digital Economy, Digital Freedom, Medical Writing, Hello !, La Voz de Galicia or La Voz de Almería are others that have been added through commercial agreements.

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On the part of the agencies, we find from large global operators, such as Grupo Dentsu (Carat, Ymedia Wink iProspect, DentsuX) to those more Malaysia Email List independent, such as t2ó .The fortnightly periodicity, one of the most important changes of the meter “Our first official appearance is going to be with something that is already going to be innovative,” says Sánchez, and later points out that “it is the first time in history that biweekly audience or digital consumption data is published “. GfK DAM will Malaysia Email List not only share the metrics on a monthly basis, but will do so biweekly. That is one of the main changes from the previous measurement.

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