Editor’s Guide: The content you can see on a platform must appear after the platform has passed the review. Which includes machine Japan Phone Number review and manual review. Review is the control of product risks and an important part of maintaining the network ecological environment. This article will analyze the content review system of the platform, hoping to help you. All Internet products will face layers of review when publishing content. Review is the control Japan Phone Number of product risks, minimizing the “garbage” content in products, and maintaining the network ecological environment. Content is compose of many aspects.

The Purpose of the Audit System Japan Phone Number

If a piece of “qualified” content wants to be spread on the Internet, it will require all-round review according to the different tonality of the Japan Phone Number platform. However, content security review is essential for all platforms. The following is simply Please introduce the logic of the audit system. After the detailed dismantling, I will write it out separately, hoping to help you understand the content review system. The purpose of the audit system The purpose of the audit system can generally be dividd into three parts: Control of front-end platform risks Quantify Japan Phone Number and improve auditor productivity Promote the growth of platform business direction 2. Build an auditing system 1.

Build an Auditing System Japan Phone Number

Japan Phone Number

Control the risks of the front-end platform The core goal of the platform audit system is to control the risks of the front-end platform, Japan Phone Number and to check and clean up the content that threatens the security of the platform as soon as possible. The control of risks can be dividd into two parts, one is machine review and the other is human review. Platform risk, how to solve the platform risk, the content posted by users will go through layers of review, through the process of machine review → human review → quality inspection, to discover and solve Japan Phone Number risks as early as possible. Machine review: The content is reviewe according to the established rules. The review rules also need to be maintaine according to the policy and the status quo of the platform.



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