«Our positioning is ‘We make your brand feel’, and the metaverse in the end is going to be that brands get into a universe in which consumers can Costa Rica Email Listfeel that brand and experience that brand in a certain way in a much more connected way and transmedia ”, says Prieto.Silvia Rivela , on the other hand, searches Web Summit to publicize Cohesionist . It is a platform for digital experiences to develop soft skills now that we are not so much in contact with colleagues in the office.“ Costa Rica Email List We entered to generate experiences to help these people connect when working remotely. Types of experiences that encourage the connection between person-person . We use the technology channel to connect them, but the important thing is how people jointly build Costa Rica Email List a story such as a Cluedo or a space activity, ”he declares.

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«It gives you a basic idea of ​​what is going on outside the Spanish ecosystem. It is an ecosystem of exchange, “he says. “What is opening Costa Rica Email List up is that there is a lot of support for the enterprising woman,” she says. Rivela, aside, is part of the Female Startup Leaders association , aimed at women startup leaders.The presence of Spaniards at Web Summit The Web Summit manages to bring together experts from very different countries, including Spain. “As a representative of Interbrand worldwide and global president of the company, I think being a Spaniard in such an Costa Rica Email List important position is very important,” says Gonzalo Brujó.

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«I have as a person trying to make Costa Rica Email List Spain brand where we go , trying to ensure that we Spaniards are ahead, that we internationalize companies and that we add value in everything we do. It is good to have more blood of ours in events like this and to try to Costa Rica Email List spread what we Spaniards do throughout the world, “he says.

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