Not only … but also,  Editor’s Guide: Sometimes we will see that a product is completely different from when it first entered the market. On the surface, the In like manner,  Pakistan Phone Number interaction design and visual design are different. The underlying logic is that the architectural design of the product has changed. The author of this article will analyze three aspects of product architecture design, hoping to help you. Many products in the current market are completely different from when they Pakistan Phone Number first entered the market. On the surface, interaction design and visual design are different; but from the underlying logic.

Why Do Product Architecture Pakistan Phone Number

Not only … but also, The information architecture, goals and business level of the product have undergone earth-shaking changes. In like manner, Recently, I redesigned the Pakistan Phone Number information architecture for a product, and did a review based on my design process, mainly including how to optimize the product architecture according to business characteristics. 1. Why do product architecture dsign Information architecture can be to be the core and soul of a product. And it plays a decisive role in whether the product can bring commercial value to the company. No matter how powerful the Pakistan Phone Number business is, if there is no suitable information structure to present it to users, it will not be able to obtain benefits; no matter how large the product traffic is.

Information Architecture Is Pakistan Phone Number

Pakistan Phone Number

Not only … but also, If there is no reasonable display of the content required by users in the product. Many opportunities for monetization will be wasted. In like manner, Therefore, Pakistan Phone Number it is very important to make an information architecture suitable for a product. 1. Information Architecture is the framework that supports the business in the product As the skeleton of a product. Information architecture is to reasonably classify and plan the business in the product, and logically Pakistan Phone Number display it to the user. Take the handheld life product of China Merchants Bank as an example. This product is the head product of the credit card product track, and its key businesses include finance, content/news and shopping malls.



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