the principles of good customer service and see donor satisfaction soar. Run a Gratitude Campaign You can set up a gratitude campaign for any Moldova Email List fundraising drive. It’s simply a targeted group of messages sent to donors to keep them engaged after their donations. The campaign should be multichannel, using all tools available from email to social media and even direct mail.Your gratitude campaign could be a multi-day effort complete with social media posts, photos, and videos. Some charities have run 14-day or 30-day campaigns. Or It might be twice a week for Moldova Email List a certain period of time.

Is Database Marketing the Holy Grail of Increasing ROI?

Use various formats and approaches. Highlight people or Moldova Email List animals that benefited from a fundraising campaign provide additional resources for a deep dive into the issue at hand or feature volunteers who have made a big contribution Moldova Email List to the organization’s success. Connect Donors to Each Other Start an exclusive social media group for your donors, especially those engaged in a peer-to-peer campaign to support your cause.

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Creating a group like this for donors who also fundraise on your behalf is especially gratifying since they can then share best practices, ideas, and give feedback Moldova Email List on each other’s campaigns. Donors are people, too, and they have careers and professional interests of their own. Helping them advance and build their networks is a fantastic way to give thanks. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) What’s the best method for thanking donors? The best ways to thank donors are by a Moldova Email List mailed letter or note or personally through a phone call or face-to-face visit. These methods are the most likely to affect future giving. Social media can be an important adjunct to those methods and help you stay in touch with donors more frequently.

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