Layoffs are actually done by department. If shareholders or senior management feel it is necessary to temporarily give up a certain business, then a department will be laid off, and it doesn’t matter whether you are excellent or not.

So if you are in the core department, then the probability of you being laid off will be lower.

When you are laid off, can you change to the core department?

One radish and one pit, how easy is Bolivia WhatsApp Number List it to hold a thigh temporarily? Usually pay more attention to opportunities within the company and ensure that you are in the core business department.

Third, in fact, what I want to say most is that you simply don’t worry about being laid off.

What’s reason meaning?

We are worried about being laid off and flustered is because we have no choice.

Why worry about being laid off if you stay competitive in the workplace at all times?

No matter how bad the general Bolivia WhatsApp Number List environment is, there are still a lot of companies that are constantly recruiting people.

Write your resume often, and then look at your resume. If you put it in the market, is it really competitive and whether the market will give you an offer.

Take the choice into your own hands, not worry about being laid off.

last words

Bolivia WhatsApp Number List
Bolivia WhatsApp Number List

Just like the advice I gave to my entrepreneurial friends in “Losing Confidence, Four Seasons Are Like Winter”, I hope you don’t lose confidence in yourself.

Believe in yourself, sleep hard, and work hard.

Forget these layoff messages and take the choice into your own hands.

come on!

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