To make Christmas preparations, 45% of centennials look at the profiles of influencers to get ideas about decoration and clothing for these holidays. In the Cayman-Islands Email List case of millennials , the figure drops to 38%. Today, more than half of the centennial generation would like to become influencers, according to Sitecore.In this sense, the Cayman-Islands Email List majority of those surveyed in 2021 (65%) declare that during their Christmas purchases they will opt for gifts inspired by experiences, with generation Z consumers where this new trend is most noticeable (75% of those respondents from this group).

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Regarding purchase options, more Cayman-Islands Email List than 90% of consumers believe that retailers should offer more local products and services. However, 64% say they are more likely to buy on international platforms such as Amazon, also opting for e-commerce this Christmas.In addition, 62% of Spaniards prefer to receive something they have ordered rather than surprise Cayman-Islands Email List gifts and up to 70% of consumers feel annoyed when they discover that the product comes from China , when they thought it was a local product.

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Consumers prefer to receive gifts they have already ordered, rather than surprises. Business strategies for Christmas Companies must develop Cayman-Islands Email List a marketing strategy according to trends and the age group they want to target, according to Sitecore’s 2021 Holiday Season Trend Report . While 48% of respondents between 25 and 34 years of our country assure that they will navigate more on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and other social channels Cayman-Islands Email List during the holidays, 62% of the youngest, between 18 and 24 years old, will share with your loved ones an online gift list from different websites or marketplaces. Even 70% of them want to receive emails from their favorite brands in order to get ideas for their Christmas purchases.

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