Will carry out in real life an additional fact: the fans can only choose the offensive plays, the defensive plays are chosen by the team’s coach. Undoubtedly, an example of how to redefine an experience in the world of sports, in which the physical and the virtual go hand in hand more than ever, turning sport towards more creative and innovative entertainment . Data, another ‘monetizable’ resource Another key factor for sports entities is data monetization, especially in fan engagement areas . Data platforms and artificial intelligence can help organizations perceive fan sentiment in real time, analyze this data to better understand their behavior, and then connect with them and create a more immersive and engaging experience.

That it also has an economic return

That it also has an economic return. An example of this is the Sacramento Kings, of the NBA , who have in their stadium, the Golden1 Center, a complete Photo Retouching software layer on top with a control center that monitors the reactions of fans on social networks in real time. Sacramento Kings Social Media Photo: Sacramento Kings Another example is that of the San Francisco 49ers of the NFL. Levi’s Stadium isn’t just full of sensors. It has its own app in the stadium, which provides attendees with real-time statistics about the game and allows them to buy merchandise, food and drinks from their seats. Photo: San Francisco 49ers Finally, we are looking at how the data is used to obtain player metrics and team performance. As a reference to this, two curiosities: Kevin De Bruyne who.

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With his argument of “If I give you so much

With his argument of “If I give you so much, I’m worth so much”, has been able to renew his contract with Manchester City by providing real India Lead data on his performance and without the need to have an agent through. Or Pep Guardiola who has just signed four astrophysicists. To his staff to help him obtain performance data, analyze.  It and thus be able to make better decisions Sports brands must be courageous. And use the challenging environment we find ourselves in as an opportunity.  To try new things and drive the transformation of the industry. Where the fan is more than ever at the center of everything. The consumer reinvented Nuria Vila The consumer reinvented Posted on May 6.  2021 This is not just another post about the new normality.

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