Last year, the pandemic and the associated restrictions meant that fewer people traveled and forced to choose the car but, according to this same Bermuda Email Lists study, “many are reverting to pre-pandemic patterns. While air travel decreased by 37% from 2019 to 2020, only 21% fewer people than in 2019 plan to travel by air in 2021 ». Spain is among the countries with the Bermuda Email Lists largest increases (57%) in the number of people who plan to travel by plane more this year than last year.

Why do they call it flexibility

The reputation of the flight company Bermuda Email Lists is the attribute most sought after by users, followed by price, as reflected in the analysis carried out by Captify.Top profiles searching around Black Friday In 2020, Caza offers replaced Business Travelers , which shows how the type of frequent travelers and the intentions changed due to the pandemic. Focusing on the Bermuda Email Lists Travel category, in 2021 Travelers, Grandparents and Parents at home are the ones who are doing the most searches. Esther Soriano, for her part, assures that nowadays it is necessary to “understand the specific need of each client and modify the offer according to each need”. Hu dobro, from his position, has stated that “all markets are polarizing” and, therefore, it is essential that the Bermuda Email Lists commercial and all possessed “help SMEs to carry out their digital transformation.”Bermuda Email Lists

Challenges for the future The experts Bermuda Email Lists have analyzed the challenges to be faced in the coming years. Eva Zaera has warned that “what we buy in the supermarket is transforming like never before, going from the offline world to the online world”. If before the pandemic, only 1.8% of consumers bought food products through the internet, now the percentage is 3% . “It has Bermuda Email Lists grown a lot in a very short time.”

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