Ultimately, that behavior determines whether you achieve your goals. Investing in good texts is therefore investing in the success of your organization.

But before you immediately (re)write yourself or hire a professional copywriter: think again . If you ‘just start writing’ there is no start and end point. And those start and finish are important if you want to get the most out of your web texts, gain insight into results and share successes.

Roadmap: in 5 steps to web texts that work for you

  1. First determine the current level of your web texts
  2. Then determine the desired level of your web texts
  3. Make and record internal writing agreements
  4. Share writing knowledge and secure the writing agreements within the organization
  5. Evaluate whether the desired level and associated business goals have been achieved


This roadmap ensures Accounting Directors Email Lists a thorough approach. An approach that provides insight and overview, and is based on my experiences with writing, training and consultancy assignments. Here are the benefits:

  • A roadmap offers you a start and end point for the quality of your web texts.
  • A roadmap ensures that texts do not stand alone, but are business driven and contribute to the success of the organization.
  • A roadmap makes clear which aspects of the text do have priority… and which do not!

Accounting Directors Email Lists

First determine the current level of your web texts

You can map the current text level in different ways. If you want to do a baseline measurement to arrive at a blueprint, these are the most important questions to answer:

  1. What is going well in our current texts? (And why?)
  2. What could/should be done better in our current texts? (And why?)
  3. How do our current texts contribute to the realization of our goals?

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