The answers to these questions give you insight into the texts of a team, department, division or even the entire organization.

To provide insight into the current text level, we use the TXT score at Paper is passé. The TXT score is an average, and makes it clear what level your texts are at. The levels range from 1 (correct spelling and grammar) to 5 (exceed expectations with texts). More on this later.

Step 2. Then determine the desired level of your web texts

During this step you determine which text level you want to achieve. This desired level is largely determined by the goals of the team, department, division or even the entire organization. These are important questions to answer:

  • What are our goals? Think of specific goals in the field of branding, customer experience, revenue increase and cost reduction
  • What are the obstacles CEO Email Lists that prevent us from achieving our goals?
  • What can we do with our content (read: texts) to reduce or even remove those obstacles?

As soon as the current and the desired level are clear, you ensure a prioritization: what do we need to work on in the short and medium (long) term? What are our must haves , should haves and could haves ? The list of improvement actions and the associated prioritization are unique for each organization.

For one organization, a correct and uniform representation of the names of products and services already makes a world of difference in terms of branding. For the other organization, influencing behavior with texts quickly leads to sales success.

CEO Email Lists

Step 3. Make and record internal writing agreements

If you do not make any writing choices as an organization, you will see that all writers within an organization follow their own course. That’s a missed opportunity! By making choices, recording them and sharing them properly, you ensure consistent and therefore recognizable texts. It is not immediately necessary to draw up a 50-page work instruction, writing guide or customer experience model. You can start small! A checklist of 1 A4 often provides a good basis and you can easily expand it later.

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