We are all aware of the old chestnut ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’, but do the private and the public sectors pay any real attention to the quality of their data? This article attempts once again to raise awareness as to the importance VP Safety Email List of quality data and for the purposes of our discussions the term ‘data quality’ applies generically to both the quality of data and information

At Frankwatching, this is a popular concept among employees. A mixture has now also emerged: first a few weeks on vacation, and then, for example, a workation for 2 weeks. Then you can stay a little  longer at your holiday destination, but you still go to work during the day. Also an idea

Storage for Application Data

Relatively little attention during the various BI (Business intelligence) projects is payed on data quality from production systems. This is data upon business decisions will be made. Source (production) systems are basis of information and are feeding BI applications and with aggregation and presentation of data in a certain way.

If the input data does not meet certain quality levels it is unrealistic to expect that the usefulness of projects and applications that have occurred on such a precarious be well, even though their own projects and applications can be done technically perfect. Regardless of whether the data warehouse project, planning.

Chief and VP of Safety Email Lists

Choosing the Right

Data protection is extremely important for all companies, large and small. On an almost daily basis, data theft occurs from a multitude of companies

Can you always concentrate well? Accorernal distraction is only part of your ‘concentration problem’. So it’s too easy to blame your chatting colleagues, overcrowded mailbox or social pop-ups. A large part of your concentration depends on your internal distraction. Something that, according to, is too often overlooked. Your own thoughts and hunches also distract you.


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