With Whitelabel you can activate the Tutanota login on a subdomain of your own website and change the appearance of Tutanota according to your needs (eg corporate identity). Your whitelabel domain can be any subdomain, and can look like ‘secure.mycompany.com’ or ’email.mycompany.com’.

If you send end-to-end encrypted emails to external recipients, those recipients are also directed to your whitelabeled subdomain, where they connect to decrypt the encrypted emails.

Additionally, the white label Communication Directors Email Lists feature allows you to set custom notification text for external recipients of your encrypted emails.

White Label Secure Emails for Business Use

Customizations for your whitelabel subdomain are visible across all Tutanota clients. Whether your employees connect through the web client, mobile apps, or desktop clients, your corporate design will be visible at all times.

Research by the LEGO Group shows that 3 in. Dutch people still think that there are professions for which men are better suited than women, and vice versa. That is the reason for LEGO to take the next  step in their campaign. “Girls are ready.”

Toys would be more inclusive if the team of designers behind the product is also inclusive – Esmee Kuenen, Dutch element designer at LEGO

Communication Directors Managers Email Lists

Small Business Should Invest in Big

The Whitelabel feature can be in one step by upgrading to Pro. You can also upgrade to Premium and add the whitelabel in Settings. Find more information on how to book and set up the Whitelabel feature

If you watch he new police recruitment campaign, the goal is immediately clear: the police want to become more diverse. With multiple personal videos from agents from different backgrounds, they zoom in on the obstacles.

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