With the aws academy designed by leading experts from the open university’s aws academy. You’ll develop industry-recognised skills and gain insights from experts to put the concepts into practice. Through guided academic learning in a supportive online learning environment.

You’ll have mentor support and share thoughts and experiences with other learners – helping you launch your aws certification journey and career in cloud computing. What skills will you learn? Deploying machine learning models reflecting on the ethical challenges of machine learning hyperparameter tuning for model optimisation using machine learning for computer vision using machine learning for natural language processing .

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You’ll be able to… Describe machine learning implement a machine learning pipeline using Jamaica phone number amazon sagemaker use managed aws machine learning services for forecasting use managed aws machine learning services for computer vision use managed aws machine learning services for natural language processing critically evaluate the limits of machine learning models.

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And their ethical implications are you eligible for this microcredential? To study this undergraduate microcredential you will ideally have: general it technical or business knowledge experience of scripting with python. Json or equivalent a basic understanding of statistics you don’t need prior experience or qualifications to enrol on this microcredential.

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In preparation. If you don’t have basic understanding of python. Json or other programming language we recommend the open university’s free openlearn short course simple coding. Or if you aren’t familiar with basic cloud computing concepts. We recommend the aws cloud practitioner essentials course.

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