The house style is fully incorporated and it is somewhat reminiscent of an old-fashioned scrapbook. It makes the information attractive and entertaining enough to keep reading.

In terms of tone of voice, this manual also corresponds to the other examples in this article. It is inviting, friendly, clear and written with humor.

Also notable in this handbook: the timeline. If you have just started working somewhere, it is nice to get to know the organization better in this way. A bit in. It contributes to employee pride, pride to work there and to contribute to the developments that the company makes and has already made.

CPA Affiliates – Aggressive

Now Tony’s handbook VP Media Email Lists is purely culture-oriented, but still a good one to take with you for inspiration. It shows that you  can convey information in a fun and lively way, interwoven with the culture of your organization.

The first thing that use of emoji. They immediately make the cups you see a lot more lively. If you click through and read the texts, you will notice that the tone of voice is very pleasant. How nice is it, for example, that the page about ‘leaving Blendle’ starts like this:

Chief and VP of Media Email Lists

Affiliate Secrets Exposed

Creating an employee handbook can take some time. That does not alter the fact that it is an extremely valuable addition to your organization. Especially if there is no place within the organization where important information is recorded. It makes onboarding easier and you also make it a lot easier (and more fun) for your colleagues.

I hope this article provides more insight into how you can go about creating an employee handbook and that you can use creativity in addition to information. Do you know of any good examples of employee handbooks? Be sure to share them below! And what do you think should not be missing in this document?

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