Screening process is going exactly as it should to achieve crypto resiliency. For example, one of the candidates already ruled out in the NIST process has been shown to be completely broken: The Rainbow algorithm can be broken in two days, not with a quantum computer, but with a regular laptop, according to IBM researchers .

By investing early on in secure post-quantum encryption, we at Tutanota deliver on our promise to our users: to build the most secure email service out there.

The next step will be to implement the new post-quantum secure encryption protocol in Tutanota. Once complete, millions of Tutanota users will instantly benefit from secure post-quantum encryption.

Since the migration to the new Quality Directors Email Lists algorithms is done automatically in Tutanota, users will not have to do anything. Once the new protocol is implemented, all data stored in Tutanota – that is, emails, contacts and calendars – will be automatically encrypted with the new algorithms.

A Practical Approach to Data Protection

This principle is perhaps the easiest to apply. You only need to address a characteristic, opinion or role of your ideal customer to set up a fictitious group in the mind of the customer. For example

In the first headline you address young mothers who want to garden (but don’t know how to make time for it). The second headline addresses environmentally conscious people who want to travel but don’t  have a lot of money. In the third heading, you address freelancers who consider security important and want to set up a strategy for this. 


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Dutch schools and universities

Must stop using Google’s email and cloud services for privacy reasons. According to the Dutch Personal Data Authority, educational institutions do not know how and where the personal data of pupils and students is processed and stored. As a result, the treatment of the information would be “unlawful”.

Pietje Puk is CEO of a large multinational. Other CEOs at large multinationals are in the same group. Or want that. So by creating unity in the group, they will read the blog or customer case. Because they want to belong to that group. 

In this blog I have emphasized the 7 principles of influencing.

But if you want to write a good headline for

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